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26 de abril de 2011

Duncan, Ben, Jonnie e Dave são os quatro corajosos que se fazem à estrada no autocarro que baptizam de “Penelope” e a bordo do qual esperam deixar marcas na sua vida e inspirar as vidas de outros, enquanto completam a lista de “100 coisas a fazer antes de morrer”.  Cada vez que tentam completar uma das tarefas da lista ajudam um estranho a realizar um dos seus sonhos e incentivam-no a ir atrás da sua "própria lista". Quantos de nós já quisemos fazer o mesmo? O momento é agora!

A lista de Buried Life: 

1. Open the six o'clock news
2. Lead a parade 
3. Get a tatto
4. Start a dance in a public place 
5. Go down a mountain on a long board 
6. Attend a party at the Playboy Mansion 
7. Plant a tree
8. Ride a bull 
9. Destroy a computer 
10. Learn to fly 
11. Get a college degree 
12. Kick a field goal 
13. Help someone build a house 
14. Grow a mustache 
15. Get on the cover of Rolling Stone 
16. Drive across North America 
17. Start a huge wave 
18. Tell a joke on Late Night Television 
19. Write a book 
20. Get a song we've written on the radio 
21. Become a licensed minister 
22. Approach the most beautiful girl you've ever seen and kiss her 
23. Learn how to play an instrument 
24. Go to a rock concert in all leather 
25. Solve a crime or capture a fugitive 
26. Tell a judge: "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" 
27. Give a stranger a $100 bill 
28. Send a message in a bottle 
29. Scream at the top of your lungs 
30. Make a donation to charity 
31. Cut a ribbon at a major opening 
32. Get someone named after you 
33. Compete in a Krump Competition 
34. Pay for someone's groceries 
35. Sing the National Anthem to a packed stadium 
36. Throw the first pitch at a major league baseball game 
37. Win and yell "Bingo!" at a Bingo hall 
38. Kiss the Stanley Cup 
39. Stand under a plane while it lands 
40. Make the front page of a newspaper 
41. Make a toast at a stranger's wedding 
42. Host a cooking show 
43. Become a knight for a day 
44. Catch something and eat it 
45. Sleep in a haunted house 
46. Do a sketch with Will Ferrell 
47. Get in the Guiness Book of World Records  
48. Accept a dare
49. Take a stranger out to dinner 
50. Streak a field 
51. Climb a large mountain 
52. Go on a blind date 
53. Start a television show 
54. Donate blood 
55. Kiss Rachel McAdams 
56. Write an article for a major publication 
57. Spend a week in silence 
58. See a dead body 
59. Ask out the girl of your dreams 
60. Go paragliding 
61. Draw a mural 
62. Be in a protest 
63. Run a successful business 
64. Visit Folsom Prison 
65. Learn how to sail 
66. Camp at the Playboy Mansion 
67. Make an important speech 
68. Swim with sharks 
69. Smash a guitar on stage 
70. Compete in a soap-box derby 
71. Take a kid on a toy shopping spree 
72. Throw a surprise party 
73. Make a music video 
74. Help deliver a baby 
75. Make a million bucks 
76. Go dog sledding 
77. Go to Burning Man 
78. Fall in love 
79. Dance with Ellen Degeneres  
80. Meet the Lonely Island dudes 
81. Tour with a major band 
82. Win an award 
83. Street perform and make $100 
84. Run a marathon
85. Throw the most bad-ass party ever 
86. Teach an elementary school class 
87. Pay off our parent's mortgage 
88. Escape from a deserted island 
89. Experience zero gravity 
90. Ride a roller coaster 
91. Get married (in Vegas) 
92. Learn how to surf
93. Ride through the desert in a dune-buggy 
94. Party with a rock star 
95. Play ball with President Obama 
96. Host a lemonade stand 
97. Be in a fight 
98. Race horses 
99. Host Saturdat Night Live 
100. Go to space

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