25 de Fevereiro no Lux

16 de janeiro de 2010

"It’s been an exciting past twelve months for the Ginga Beat crew, that has seen specials on the new wave of electronic funk, the dubstep/funky love affair, Warp Records, dubtechno demigod Moritz von Oswald, the nu neo-soul movement, and Sir Otis Jackson Jr., as well as nuff local goodness, all streaming on Red Bull Music Academy Radio and Lisbon-based Radio Ant3na. Reasons enough for a big birthday bonanza Ginga Beat_On Air that will take place at Lisbon’s Lux on February 25.
Starting off the night will be Dutch dubstep-not-dubstep pioneer Martyn with an exclusive lecture session for the local music community, before the Ginga Beat crew, Rui Miguel Abreu, DJ Mpula and class of Academy ’08 Ines Coutinho aka Violet, host a live show on Ant3na from 12 am to 2 am. Bringing the ruckus on the dancefloor alongside Martyn will be Warp wonderboy Hudson Mohawke and tropical rave buccaneers Batida with special live sets, as well as DJ Ride and Academy participants Ka§par, Mushug (as part of Octa Push), Infestus, and Markur (as part of Photonz).
For a taste, check the Photonz’ remix of Music Life (to be released on Ka§par’s EP of the same name onGroovement next Monday), and tune in to the latest edition of Ginga Beat here."

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